Analyses of Human Transcriptomes

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Velculescu VE, Madden SL, Zhang L, Lash AE, Yu J, Rago C, Lal A, Wang CJ, Beaudry GA, Ciriello KM, Cook BP, Dufault MR, Ferguson AT, Gao Y, He TC, Hermeking H, Hiraldo SK, Hwang PM, Lopez MA, Luderer HF, Mathews B, Petroziello JM, Polyak K, Zawel L, Zhang W, Zhang X, Zhou W, Haluska FG, Jen J, Sukumar S, Landes GM, Riggins GJ, Vogelstein B, Kinzler KW.

Nat Genet 1999 Dec;23(4):387-388.

How many human genes are expressed ubiquitously, in all human tissues, and how many are expressed in tissue-specific patterns? To answer these fundamental questions in molecular biology, we have analysed 3.5-million transcripts from 19 normal and diseased tissue types. We found that as many as 43,500 genes can be expressed in a single cell type. Only a small fraction of transcripts were exclusively expressed in any individual tissue, whereas nearly 1,000 genes were expressed in all cell types examined. We found 40 genes to be expressedat elevated levels in all cancer tissues but not in normal cells.


Table 1 - Tissues and transcript tags analyzed.
Table 2 - Expressed transcripts from 3.5 million transcripts.

Table 3 - Transcripts in colon cancer transcriptome.

Table 4 - Transcript abundance.

Table 5 - Tissue specific transcripts.

Table 6 - Ubiquitously expressed genes.

Table 7 - Transcripts uniformly elevated in human cancers.


Figure 1- Sampling of gene expression.
Figure 2 - Transcript abundance in colon cancer cells.

Figure 3 - Gene expression in different tissues.



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