SAGE Project Summary Form

Title: 3T3

SAGE Software Project Files

MS Access File

Date of Library Completion: January 1998

Principal SAGE Master: Victor Velculescu

Number of Tags: 28,531

Number of Sequence Files: 1720 Tags/Sequence File: 16.6

Number of Duplicate DiTags: 2498 Percent: 17.5%

Number of Linker Tags: 2391 Percent Linker Tags: 8.3%


1) Veculescu, V., Unpublished.

2) Velculescu VE, Zhang L, Vogelstein B, and Kinzler KW (1995). Serial Analysis Of Gene Expression. Science 270, 484-487.

Detailed Description:

We used SAGE to analyze untransformed mouse 3T3 cells.


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