Academic investigators are free to use SAGE for non-commercial research.   Individuals interested in the commercial application of SAGE should contact Genzyme Molecular Oncology.  Currently two SAGE protocols are available in PDF format:

Original SAGE protocol (version 1.0e, June 23, 2000)

MicroSAGE protocol (version 1.0e, June 22, 2000)

LongSAGE protocol (version 1.0a, May 1, 2002)

Protocols for cloning SAGE tags without matches to DNA databases

Reverse SAGE protocol (JY, November 14, 2000)

PCR cloning unkown SAGE tags (KP, November 14, 2000)

Material Transfer Agreements for Software

The SAGE Software is no longer supported and has been replaced in favor of publicly available SQL based databases and other bioinformatic tools. However, the SAGE Software is freely available to academic investigators for non-commercial use by contacting the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Office of Technology Transfer. 

Johns Hopkins University
Office of Technology Transfer
100 North Charles Street, 5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone (410) 516-8300


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