Examples of Northerns

Listed as SAGE UID (Gene Name, GeneBank Accession Number)

Decreased in Colon Tumors
H614731 (Diamine oxidase, U11862)
H950457 (Human cellular oncogene c-fos, V01512)
H204104 (Guanylin, M95714)
H259108 (Carbonic anhydrase II, M36532)
H390158 (Carbonic anhydrase I, M33987)
H516402 (CL 100 protein tyrosine phosphotase, X68277)
H752297 (EST 81394, T60135)

Elevated in Colon Tumors
H1000193 (Ribosomal phosphoprotein P1, M17886)
H769020 (TGF-beta induced gene beta-igh3, M77349)
H2056 (PolyA binding protein, Y00345)
H998030 (MHC protein homologous to chicken B complex, M24194)
H302367 (CTG-B33, L10376)
H507455 (Human liver DNA binding protein UPI, X04347)
H274492 (Ribosomal protein L37, D23661)

Elevated in Pancreatic Tumors
H294155 (Retinoic acid induced protein E, RIG-E, U42376)
H560056 (Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase type 1, TIMP-1, S68252)
H908858 (EST 356655, W52120)
H610466 (Actin-binding protein, filamin, X53416)
H769020 (TGF-beta induced gene beta-igh3, M77349)

Elevated in Colon Tumors Only
H518912 (Insulin like growth factor II, IGF II, X07868)
H802871 (EST338411, W52120)

Elevated in Both Colon and Pancreatic Tumors
H85882 (1-8D, X57351)
H883029 (Parathymosin, M24398)

Elevated in Pancreatic Tumors Only
H618841 (GA733-1, X13425)
H123521 (IGFBP3, M35878)


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