The above gene assignment was based on the following list of GenBank sequences (GenBank Release 94). In each case, tentative assignments were based on the identification of a 10 bp SAGE tag adjacent to a NlaIII site. The final assignment was further refined by using an 11 bp SAGE tag and elimination of non 3' NlaIII sites and genomic sequences. In some cases, the assignment was confirmed by Northern blot analysis as indicated by the "Northern" in the right hand corner. In other cases, a single assignment could not be made and more than one gene is listed.

Tag Sequence
CTGACCTGTG X03667 Human class I MHC gene HLA-B27K exons 4-8 (BRUG ce
CTGACCTGTG X03666 Human class I MHC gene HLA-B27W exons 4-8 (BRUG ce
CTGACCTGTG U14943 Human MHC antigen (HLA-B) mRNA, complete cds.
CTGACCTGTG M12678 Human HLA-B27 mRNA, complete cds.
CTGACCTGTG M28205 Homo sapiens MHC class I HLA-B51 mRNA, complete cd
CTGACCTGTG M16102 Human MHC HLA-B7 class I cell surface glycoprotein
CTGACCTGTG M28204 Homo sapiens (clone pMF28) MHC class I HLA-Bw62 mR
CTGACCTGTG M27540 Human MHC class I HLA-A (A28,-B40,-Cw3) cell surfa
CTGACCTGTG M63454 Human MHC class I HLA-B-3502 gene, complete cds.
CTGACCTGTG H27952 yl62b12.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 162815 5' simil
CTGACCTGTG H38885 yp61c08.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 191918 5' simil
CTGACCTGTG H63203 yr48c08.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 208526 5' simil
CTGACCTGTG T51108 yb55g01.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 75120 5' simila
CTGACCTGTG W21337 zb55f05.r1 Soares fetal lung NbHL19W Homo sapiens


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