The above gene assignment was based on the following list of GenBank sequences (GenBank Release 94). In each case, tentative assignments were based on the identification of a 10 bp SAGE tag adjacent to a NlaIII site. The final assignment was further refined by using an 11 bp SAGE tag and elimination of non 3' NlaIII sites and genomic sequences. In some cases, the assignment was confirmed by Northern blot analysis as indicated by the "Northern" in the right hand corner. In other cases, a single assignment could not be made and more than one gene is listed.

Tag Sequence
AAAAAAAAAA X83412 H.sapiens B1 mRNA for mucin.
AAAAAAAAAA Z32564 H.sapiens FRGAMMA mRNA (819bp) for folate receptor
AAAAAAAAAA Z32633 H.sapiens FRGAMMA' mRNA for folate receptor (817bp
AAAAAAAAAA X76180 H.sapiens mRNA for lung amiloride sensitive Na+ ch
AAAAAAAAAA U08470 Human FR-gamma' mRNA, complete cds.
AAAAAAAAAA U08471 Human folate receptor 3 mRNA, complete cds.
AAAAAAAAAA D28532 Human mRNA for Na+-dependent phosphate cotransport
AAAAAAAAAA M55914 Human c-myc binding protein (MBP-1) mRNA, complete
AAAAAAAAAA L06175 Homo Sapiens P5-1 mRNA, complete cds.
AAAAAAAAAA S73775 calmitine=mitochondrial calcium-binding protein [h
AAAAAAAAAA S77393 transcript ch138 [human, RF1,RF48 stomach cancer c


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