The above gene assignment was based on the following list of GenBank sequences (GenBank Release 94). In each case, tentative assignments were based on the identification of a 10 bp SAGE tag adjacent to a NlaIII site. The final assignment was further refined by using an 11 bp SAGE tag and elimination of non 3' NlaIII sites and genomic sequences. In some cases, the assignment was confirmed by Northern blot analysis as indicated by the "Northern" in the right hand corner. In other cases, a single assignment could not be made and more than one gene is listed.

Tag Sequence
GTGCGCTGAG X58536 Human mRNA for HLA class I locus C heavy chain.
GTGCGCTGAG M26432 Human MHC class I HLA-C.1 gene, complete cds.
GTGCGCTGAG D11632 Human HepG2 3'-directed MboI cDNA, clone c210.
GTGCGCTGAG D12338 Human HepG2 3'-directed MboI cDNA, clone tb019.
GTGCGCTGAG T28154 EST30462 Homo sapiens cDNA 5' end similar to major
CTGATGGCAG X72718 H.sapiens DNA for orphan TCR V-beta segment (allel
CTGATGGCAG X57605 H.sapiens TCR Vbeta 2.2 gene for T cell receptor.
CTGATGGCAG T36078 EST96448 Homo sapiens cDNA 5' end similar to None.
CTGATGGCAG N31762 yx70b01.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 267049 5'.
CTGATGGCAG N40284 yx80b08.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 268023 5'.
CTGATGGCAG N53797 yz07a08.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 282326 5'.


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