The above gene assignment was based on the following list of GenBank sequences (GenBank Release 94). In each case, tentative assignments were based on the identification of a 10 bp SAGE tag adjacent to a NlaIII site. The final assignment was further refined by using an 11 bp SAGE tag and elimination of non 3' NlaIII sites and genomic sequences. In some cases, the assignment was confirmed by Northern blot analysis as indicated by the "Northern" in the right hand corner. In other cases, a single assignment could not be made and more than one gene is listed.

Tag Sequence
CTGTTGATTG X04347 Human liver mRNA fragment DNA binding protein UPI
CTGTTGATTG U00947 Human clone C4E 3.2 (CAC)n/(GTG)n repeat-containin
CTGTTGATTG H21567 yn77h07.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 174493 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG H50775 yp86h04.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 194359 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG H88602 yw22b11.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 252957 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG H89807 yu82g01.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 240336 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG F03329 H. sapiens partial cDNA sequence; clone c-1tf05.
CTGTTGATTG R86904 yq30d08.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 197295 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG R86916 yq30f08.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 197319 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG T49721 ya80c03.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 67972 5' simila
CTGTTGATTG T61150 yb75f08.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 77031 5' simila
CTGTTGATTG T72709 yd19c12.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 108694 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG T77238 yd73c02.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 113858 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG W61197 zd31c06.r1 Soares fetal heart NbHH19W Homo sapiens
CTGTTGATTG D57461 Human aorta cDNA 5'-end GEN-304D06.
CTGTTGATTG N25820 yx22b07.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 262453 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG N50580 yy89c01.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 280704 5' simil
CTGTTGATTG R36491 yh88h10.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 136867 5' simil


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