The above gene assignment was based on the following list of GenBank sequences (GenBank Release 94). In each case, tentative assignments were based on the identification of a 10 bp SAGE tag adjacent to a NlaIII site. The final assignment was further refined by using an 11 bp SAGE tag and elimination of non 3' NlaIII sites and genomic sequences. In some cases, the assignment was confirmed by Northern blot analysis as indicated by the "Northern" in the right hand corner. In other cases, a single assignment could not be made and more than one gene is listed.

Tag Sequence
CAGCTCACTG L10376 Human (clone CTG-B33) mRNA sequence.
CAGCTCACTG S80520 CAG-isl 7 {trinucleotide repeat-containing sequenc
CAGCTCACTG H19599 yn59f06.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 172739 5' simil
CAGCTCACTG H63861 yu47d11.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 229269 5' simil
CAGCTCACTG H75719 yu07d04.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 233095 5' simil
CAGCTCACTG U16738 Human trinucleotide repeat containing mRNA clone C
CAGCTCACTG D54325 Human fetal brain cDNA 5'-end GEN-135H03.
CAGCTCACTG D54536 Human fetal brain cDNA 5'-end GEN-143C03.
CAGCTCACTG T51892 yb54f01.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 75001 5' simila
CAGCTCACTG T54060 yb47f11.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 74349 5' simila
CAGCTCACTG T55071 yb45b04.r1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone 74095 5' simila
CAGCTCACTG D55234 Human fetal brain cDNA 5'-end GEN-170F08.
CAGCTCACTG D55443 Human fetal brain cDNA 5'-end GEN-178E04.
CAGCTCACTG D57789 Human aorta cDNA 5'-end GEN-326H04.
CAGCTCACTG D31150 Human fetal-lung cDNA 5'-end sequence.
CAGCTCACTG D31178 Human fetal-lung cDNA 5'-end sequence.
CAGCTCACTG N55687 J0436F Homo sapiens cDNA clone J0436 5'.
CAGCTCACTG N55772 J2443F Homo sapiens cDNA clone J2443 5'.
CAGCTCACTG N56209 J8823F Homo sapiens cDNA clone J8823 5'.
CAGCTCACTG N56476 JJ9725F Homo sapiens cDNA clone JJ9725 5'.
CAGCTCACTG N56509 LY1162F Homo sapiens cDNA clone LY1162 5'.


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